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February 16, 2016



I was just going to like this on Twitter, but I felt like 12 years deserved an actual comment! Plus you made me nostalgic for the first couple years on Typepad, when practically every time I clicked on an intriguing-sounding blog in the "recently published" feed I'd find someone interesting to follow, and sometimes even a friend...


I'm always happy to see your posts! Very impressed you've been at this for so long.

Donna W

I had somehow lost track of your blog and just now rediscovered it. These days it's a surprise to find someone still blogging. I'm still at it after almost ten years. I do it mostly for myself. It's a great way to find out when random stuff happened, thanks to the search feature on my blog. Cliff will say something like, "When did we sell the blue motorcycle, anyhow?" and I go right to the blog entry that has a picture of the guy who bought it taking off on it. I settle a lot of arguments via my blog.

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