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November 05, 2014


Anne K

While I haven't read her book, I'm interested in reading it. I have had the unfortunate experience of seeing both of my parents' dead bodies. I was sleeping with my mom when she died.

I'm not one to want the animals and maggots to decompose my body and send me back to an ecosystem, I prefer cremation. Both of my parents were cremated and we were able to spread their ashes in different geographical locations. When I’m in Idaho and can go to grandpa D’s headstone, when I’m in Hannibal I can go to grandpa Mills’ headstone and when I’m at home I can go to the “box” (equivalent of an urn). We had family ceremonies at all of the locations. The family meets at one of our relatives headstones. One of us trims the grass away from around the headstone. Each of us takes a small amount of ashes remains and says a fond memory and/or prayer. The ashes are place around the headstone where the grass was trimmed. We then water around the headstone to make more grass grow from the ashes.

The ceremonies are filled with tears and hugs, but these moments are special. I like this approach and want something like this done for me when I die.


I'm all about this. Make this happen, will you? http://www.trueactivist.com/biodegradable-urns-that-will-turn-you-into-a-tree-after-you-die-lets-start-converting-cemeteries-into-forests/

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