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May 08, 2013



I'm with you. I can always find better things to do than clean the house.


Ugh. Not much worse than cleaning house. I've been home nearly all of my 21 years of marriage. Home school. Working part time. Now working from home. And I HATE it. The cleaning, that is. And when you have four animals in the house and 13 outside, it's always something.

My Hunny actually likes a clean house and likes to clean, but he works full time and can't be my maid. *sigh*

Deb Barnes

Oh my gosh! I just want to hug you for your honesty and humor! I hate housework too and am real bad at it! Glad you enjoyed BlogPaws and thanks for stopping by my blog. Purrs from the Zee and Zoey gang!


Oy. The tyranny of housework. I can so relate. I'm really inefficient and awful when it comes to housecleaning. I don't understand how so many people seem to have impeccably clean houses when they work full time, have children/pets, and don't have a cleaning service. It drives me crazy that my house is not as clean as I'd like it to but I have precious few hours to myself and I don't want to spend them scouring the bathtub. Reading your post made me feel better about being such a slovenly housekeeper, but you're still a way better housekeeper than me!

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