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April 30, 2013


East Coast Girl

I know what you mean - I got an email from a vacuum co reminding me that I only had 2 wks to choose a gift for Mom - as if she would just LOVE a vacuum for her big day!

It has been over 25 yrs since I lost my Mom, but I still think of her on holidays. You don't have to have given birth to enjoy Mother's Day - you can still go out and celebrate your Mom, maybe with your sister, and share your favorite memories of her!


This post hits home for me. I, too, have been without my mom since 1998. Those first few years without her, getting emails from places like flower companies, and whatnot, reminding me almost every day that Mother's Day was coming!!! were just painful to the core. I actually wrote one of the companies once, the year after she died. I was just too painful to let it go. They were emailing me every week for a month before the holiday, and it was TOO MUCH.

I'm buying my twin a present this year. I found something that made me think of her and her girls, and that made me think about buying Mother's Day/Father's Day gifts for ALL of my siblings this year...I didn't get them Christmas presents, so this will kinda make up for it, I hope. :D

Anyway, solidarity, and all that good stuff. You aren't alone. :)

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