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April 10, 2013



It's funny you should blog about this because we were talking about ebook versus hardcopy the other day at book club. It appears I'm the only person in that particular book club who doesn't have a problem reading ebooks. Other women were rolling their eyes and moaning about how hard it is to read on the screen which I found just bizarre.

I so love my Kindle app, and the syncing thing so I can read anywhere. (Particularly in bed without needing a light on) I'm a shocker for downloading chick lit under $5 but have had some great reads from doing this. I guess I've downloaded about 100 books and have about 15 waiting to be read.

I have a pile of hard copy books that I'll eventually get to, but I have to say it's easier to read stuff on my Kindle, and then pop off & check up on FB, Twitter, etc., which I can't do if I'm reading a hard copy book.

Average Jane

One of my book clubs does tend to choose books based on availability at the library, but the others are very pro-ebook.

You're right - it is nice to be able to switch back and forth between social media and reading on the same device(s).

Donna W

I have an actual kindle, an actual Nook, and the apps on my iPad. And Overdrive I use to borrow library books. I only read real books when the library doesn't have some. Current book in ebook form, and I hate them. They're heavy, and it's too easy to lose my place with real books.


I have a Nook tablet and Nook reader. I'd say I read physical and e books about equally, but I acquire both faster (ever so much faster) than I consume them. My wife has an iPad and my daughter a Kindle -- we're a multi faith family.

I don't find much difference in the reading experience. Either way, I get lost in the words. But on the tablet, if something I read sparks an idea or makes me want to learn more about a subject, I can easily write myself a note that won't get lost like all the scraps of paper I've scribbled on.

Doug Worgul

Hope you enjoyed THIN BLUE SMOKE. Thanks for reading it.

Doug Worgul

Average Jane

I did, Doug. Thanks! You were actually AT our book club meeting. :)

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