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February 06, 2013


Rita Arens

I think I would email them. Or Tweet them. They are pretty active on Twitter, actually. I would freak if I saw a guy standing around with a huge chunk of asphalt.


Yeah, I'm with Rita. At the very least, if he isn't planning on breaking into cars with the chunk of road, he's planning on doing SOMETHING with it. Chances are it's not a Toynbee Tiles-type artist on the loose!

Give the police station a call...there's probably a detective in charge of this whole deal that you can give the update to.

Xavier Onassis

According to what I'm hearing from the Right Wing these days, you should have whipped out your concealed carry piece and dropped him where he stood.

Under "Stand Your Ground" legislation you could make the case that the chunk of asphalt in his hand caused you to feel "threatened".

One dead perp = one safe citizen.


I would have called or like Rita said tweeted.. but then again I was at one of our local police stations today because I had a weird set of circumstances that made me wonder about identity theft. Apparently at this point, even though UPS calls me to say I am "on the hook" for shipping a package with no shipping label (that I have no knowledge of), they cannot tell me what credit card was used only that my name and phone number were given... and until I am OUT money there is no crime. So I am to keep going thru cc statements with a fine tooth comb to make sure nothing fraudulent hits. Long winded way of saying I guess I wasted an officers time today

East Coast Girl

Obviously, police are being kept busy with trying to curb homicides. It does not logically follow that they do not care about street crime. They can only be in so many places at one time. I would call or tweet or go to their online page where you can make an anonymous report. The sooner you report a crime in real time, the better the chance that they can catch the guy in the act with evidence in hand.


Street cops can do very little during the day to 'curb' homicides. You shoulda called and maybe they would have gotten the dirt bag once & for all.

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