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January 11, 2013



I think you should do it. The letter is not at all over the top and they need to read this info.

Goofy girl

That is NOT a database issue...it's a business rule issue. Databases don't make the assumption that the male living in the household should be the primary recipient of all communication. This is an outdated 1950s business rule issue. You should definitely send the letter. This would piss me off too.


hell yeah, send it!


Send it.... at my wedding I asked to be introduced as Mike and Melanie insert last name there... because while I did take my husband's last name it really chaps my behind when I hear Mr. and Mrs. Mike ______ I mean really why do women allow themselves to get lost in introductions!!! I also never address cards to spouses that way, always write both names out and usually I write female name first lol. My SIL got married in October and YEP they still automatically announce Mr and Mrs MALE NAME .... I was kinda shocked.

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