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October 15, 2012


Mike Brown

Been there and went through this with our first kitty. Make sure he gets lots of fresh water!


that happened to my childhood kitty - who by the way was also a brown tabby, hmmm. We didn't have to change things forever though - we put this powdered medication on his regular food for a while and then just made sure he had fresh water. It didn't happen again. Aand, in the TMI category, Human woman with similar issues, right here. Yeah Pharmaceuticals!


FLUTD is no fun! Spaz had that problem and it was scary to watch her wobble around and look confused. Glad you've got Dr. Jones all sorted out and on new food.


The same thing happened with one of my cats. Prescription diet now for all the house cats... (it's not bad for one but gets expensive for six!)

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