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September 04, 2012



You always pack an amazing amount into a weekend! Your house is going to look naked without the big tree out front. Better naked than with a big tree-shaped hole in it tho!

Cathy Prather

How the heck do you get so much accomplished in one day? No matter how i try i couldnt get all that done.. and play cards AND stay awake for pizza let alone a movie! You are amazing..


Wow. You are an amazing woman! I didn't do anything all weekend except laundry.

East Coast Girl

FYI - A caution about using the mulch on your plants right away. As the unseasoned wood breaks down, the pile will get hot and steam as it "cooks". If it does that too much, it could get too hot and damage the plants. Also, in winter, the warm mulch may trick your plants into thinking it is spring time, and start sprouting prematurely.

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