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September 06, 2012


cagey (Kelli Oliver George)

Mousaka. Oh, hubba hubba.

2nd runner-up? Saganaki. Although, in a pinch, just a plain gyros sandwich will suffice.


Souvlaki is one of my favorites. I also love Greek green beans. I haven't been able to make them as good at home as they do at the Mad Greek in Lawrence.


I'm not sure if I've ever had Greek food. :(
More reason I need a cookbook, perhaps....

Donna W

OK, years ago there was some recipe in Better Homes and Gardens that claimed to be Green, but I don't believe it. I NEED that cookbook!

Goofy Girl

Gyro + Baklava combo. Yummy! I've made baklava at home before, but nothing else. Would be fun to try!

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