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September 23, 2012


deb roby

With dogs, it's all about the activity level. Encouraging some activity throughout the day helps a lot.

They make "enrichment" toys where you load them up with treats or dog food and the dog has to work (roll them around) to get the food out.

I often use that for one meal during the day -except that JAKE expects me to do all the rolling, and him to only follow behind picking up the food.


I've had two dogs with thyroid problems. Getting them on the meds made a huge difference in their weight, food craziness, coats and energy. Good luck!

Barb Holter

This made me laugh hysterically, especially the comment about him being "solid". Please don't say that to me, because I'm on to it! Cisco is trimming down nicely, as we walk a lot. I bet he is getting about a third of the calories Jim was letting him consume.

East Coast Girl

Purina OM (Overweight Management) dog food and their Lite Snackers treats are great. Both my Beagles had to trim down, and it worked great. Plus, they loved the food, I didn't even have to trick them into eating it!

Mary W

With my dog, feeding raw was the only way to keep her weight down. There was something about normal kibble and canned food that kept the weight on. Raw also stopped her itching and we only needed to bathe her when she rolled in something gross. However, try everything else first because it is a PITA and is expensive if you buy it prepared.

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