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August 08, 2012



So glad you found a vet that will work with you. That is amazing that the old vet said your dog was being "dramatic" that just blows me away...


Glad he's doing better! I, too, have fired a vet in the past...mainly for excessively high prices and constant guilt trips over not spending MORE for every dumb test imaginable. Gee, I didn't realize animals were capable of creating unneccesary 'drama'. Hrmph.


Yaaaay! So glad to hear that everything is working out! I hope he gets better and better, AJ. :D


we transferred over a year ago, after a similar experience. our old vet wanted my dog to have regular and expensive allergy shots but failed to diagnose a thyroid condition! i love everything about my new vet and her practice. good for you for making the change.

Barb Holter

Good for you! I'm glad we love our vet, Shera. She is like an angel. I think you have definitely done the right thing!

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