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May 17, 2012


Rita Arens

Maybe I'll try that. I am on day seven of no working out after my surgery last week, and it's killing me. But my workouts involved a lot of weighted squats and I need to ease back in so I don't hurt myself once I'm cleared at my follow-up next week. I was thinking of trying a short walk today to see if that did any harm to my incision site.


How cool! Covet new workout toy!!!

Congrats on all the walking. I know it's challenging, my legs have been in shock all month.

You rock! :)


heh. i bought a fitbit, for similar reasons. it amuses me to check my stats. i also just started doing the c25k program using the ease into 5k app. i really like it. i'm hoping to actually do the 5k at blogher in august.

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