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April 09, 2012


Marnie Whelan

The thing is, cats aren't predators by nature - it's a nurture thing. You need to adopt a kitten raised by a barn cat (or a streetwise momma cat) and she (females are always better hunters) will teach your lot how to slay the multitudes. . .I realize you already have many cats, so this might not be what you wanted to hear. Also, the the hunting kitty will lay waste to your songbird population as well. . .even if you keep them indoors, sadly. My little savages murdered an innocent pair of house wrens who tried to build their nest next to the bedroom air conditioner while we were away for a weekend.


WHOOT WHOOT! The mice in Farmhouse Villa stay in the attic and the basement because they KNOW there are predators lurking on the main floor. I have like 20 traps on the attic stairs. So far this spring? No takers.


Well as a fellow cat, I must warn you that we do not take intruders in the home lightly. We bring the rodents into a false sense of security and when they least expect we bring them down. It is a delicate balance, and must not be rushed. MEOW!


What a hoot. I love that. About 10 years ago my then husband took care of a mouse my 3 cats had trapped in a corner behind the TV. Five years and two house moves later and those cats were still looking behind the TV every few days. I miss those cats. Still don't miss my husband.

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