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April 07, 2012



I'm so sorry to hear it. I don't think I am going to the conference either (even though it is in my backyard), but I was hoping to see you in NYC. If you change your mind and want a place to stay, let me know. I have a decent couch bed and would love to have you here.

Rita Arens

Oh, Celeste, that sucks. I do understand completely, though. I can't afford to go anywhere work doesn't send me this year. We even cancelled a trip to see family in Wisconsin because we realized we can't afford to take the money or the time with trying to pay down debt and still keep working on Chateau Travolta so we can get it done before we're eighty. I'll try to nab you a bag.


Oh... Me, too, me, too. :( I'm getting sadder about it by the day, but there was completely no way I could go this year. I find myself thinking and thinking about last time in New York, which was SO AWESOME, and it's bittersweet right now. Sigh.

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