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April 06, 2012


Marnie Whelan

We have four shedders at home (not counting the birds who do shed feathers - I find them in the oddest places) The largest amount (by volume!) of found fur seems to come from the scruffy wiry-coated terrier mix, NOT the large, fluffy orange cat with the luxurious tail, OR the Pomeranian who is visibly balding. . .(the fourth is a sleek black cat who is obviously much too well-groomed to shed!)

Love the fur sculptures!!!

Marnie Whelan

I forgot my email address, it's [email protected]

Happy Hairball Awareness Day, everybody!


Well even though my 2 Italian Greyhounds do not need a FURminator, my boyfriends's two cats definitely do. Especially since Bunny, the female calico, LOVES to be brushed and (sadly) I am highly allergic to cat hair but can't seem to say no to her. With a FURminator, we would both be MUCH happier, especially as the weather warms up and she has more hair shedding.


We are down to 3 feline furballs from 5. Sassy is the cat that sheds the most in our house. She's a teenager, but we aren't sure of her exact age due to her being given to us instead of the owner putting her down. She a beautiful Tonkinese/siamese who's hair flies every where when you pet her. Even thought it is short hair it goes every where. She loves to be brushed and seems to prefer it to petting sometimes. You can always tell where she's been sitting because there is usually some hair left behind. If she wins, you can email us at therickson at comcast .net.



I have a beautiful siamese cat, anyway I think she's siamese but she was a shelter cat so no telling for sure. She has short hair, but she sheds like nobody's business! I do brush her but it doesn't seem to make much difference. When I put the brush down & stroke my hand over her coat the cat hair flies! But she's worth it. Would love to try out the Furminator.


It's totally Gretchen. I found an entire mini Gretchen under my bed when I was looking for a missing shoe. HOLY HAIR.


I think you did a great job on Gene Simmons!! NHAD is one of my favorite holidays... next to Christmas of course!

Linda Reilly

Me Lenny sheds the most!We deshed him on the patio and boy howdy does that fur fly! It's pretty cool on wondy days, we can fur the whole courtyard with Lenny fur!!! LOL I already have a Furminator but would love to win one to donate to the rescue I volunteer for, Texas CARES.

Sweet Purrfections

We are two silver shaded Persian kittens and we have all kinds of shedding fur and mats. We love your Gene Simmons!

Truffle and Brulee
[email protected]

Katie Grause

My little demon, er...darling is adept at shedding her pretty white fur all over. Especially on my black clothes. And everywhere my cat-dander-allergic roommate likes to sleep. This would be a godsend! kgsings at gmail dot com is one of the many :c)

Jilian Giles

I'm sure I could create two more kitties from all the fur my two furbabies shed. They don't like the brush I use, so I'd love to try the FURminator. You can contact me at: jilian nine four seven at yahoo dot com. Thanks!


with 4 cats to brush and clean up after, this tool would come in super handy.

Donna B

I have 2 of my own cats and foster cats & kittens and have had up to 16 cats in my house at one time could sure have used one of these with all that hair floating around,

Caarolyn Schellhardt

I've heard that this is the most amazing tool!! And boy!!! Can I ever use it!!! My poor little Cali puts up with brushing, but it really doesn't do the job. This tool sure would!!!!!

Jennifer D

We would love one! My students always ask - is that cat hair? Uh yes, yes it is! 2 feline shedders in my house.

Katie Isabella

I have a long haired cat, a Tuxie girl who vomit hair balls every few days.mI brush and brush but I am notmdoing much good. I would live to have a Furminator.

A Facebook User

I operate the Shawnee Om Shanti Cat Sanctuary as a living memorial to my daughter, who was the original cat rescuer. With 40 cats, Bast knows we could use one.

Azizah A. (@GourmetPens)

I have four kitties but one in particular is a massive Ragdoll (not fat, but he's BIG) and he has a lot of hair to shed! We just moved to Texas a little while ago and he's trying to adjust to the heat here so some major de-furring might be right up his alley! Thank you for the chance to win :)

Kathy Bergeron

Several of my furbabies have haorball issues. We could so use this prize, for their comfort...and mine!


My kitty Baker has really been shedding lately. Black fur, everywhere! I hope I win!

A Facebook User

My rescue cat Mister (Mister whitestockings McMisterton)has a very dense double coat like a British blue. He could really use this! Thank you for your consideration!

Glogirly and Katie

We'd love to win!
My cat Katie may not agree....but she could really use it!
; ) Glogirly


The pet that sheds the most here is my cat Patches. She's a mostly white calico who leaves behind a plume of fur whenever she walks away. She has really thick fur that never seems to stop shedding.

I have been looking at getting a furminator for a while now but just can't afford one while unemployed so it would be fantastic to win one.


Forgot my email
nutamuATaolDOTcom (replace AT with @ and DOT with . *avoids spam bots*)

Marcia Helfrich

My 1 year old calico named Callie has the softest fur ever but she sure does shed a lot. We rescued her after she wandered into my brother-in-law's garage and was attacked by his big dog named Nelson. We nursed her back to health and fell in love with her so we decided to keep her and give her a home. With all her shedding we could really use the Furminator!

Jaime B.

I have a furminator that I LOVE, but it doesn't have that little plunger/flange thing to push off the hair. I must have it!!

Patty Cummings

I would love to try one of those. It would be great to use on my 5 inside cats and some of our feral cats (of course those that will let us brush them). Hopefully it would help with having to clean and vacuum everyday.


Whew! A Furminator would really help my fur babies out!


I just recently adopted a cat from someone who couldn't keep him (allergies suck!). His name is Thomas, he's about 9yrs old and he sheds so much that it is unbelievable. I'm constantly brushing him but it never seems to be enough! I find hair in my computer keyboard, on all of my chairs that he's claimed as his own... it's crazy making!

Judy Lust

I am Mom to 4 kitties, a medium length orange tabby, our Patriarch at 12 and a Sealpoint Siamese who smacks "the babies" around at 9. Her birthday is today. The babies are brother and sister Oriental shorthairs, but they do shed! Magnus, the patriarch, sheds the most. He is massive and magnificent. I love them all and would appreciate the FURminator. Thanks for the chance to win! BTW, all of my kitties are rescues.

Judy Lust

I meant medium length HAIR orange tabby. Magnus is quite large. Nothing "medium" about him!

Cathy Keisha

OMC! A FURminator. I'm a cat in the middle of my shedding season. My human sweeps the bed every morning with her pledge doodad.


With both resident and foster kitties (plus a few dogs) at our place, there is always someone who needs brushing and a Furminator would be a big help to keep everyone looking and feeling great. Thanks for this opportunity!

Kate D.

I would love to try the Furminator so that my "senior" cat Gretchen doesn't suffer from hairballs anymore. She will be 16 on July 4th!

Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

Great post and we LOVE the FURminator at our household of seven furry cats! We enjoyed participating in this contest with you!

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