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March 13, 2012




I never have any idea and my husband is the best friend of all he encounters. Without fail, we will be walking somewhere in MONTREAL and someone will "know" him.

I don't even answer the phone for pete's sake, let alone make important eye contact with strangers!

cagey (Kelli Oliver George)

I'm super-friendly and know most of the checkers by name at the Hen House we frequent. Manoj and I also get to know wait staff's names if we go to a restaurant repeatedly.

I love this post because that would not surprise me either if your husband invited someone to live on your couch! Hee.


I think you are very friendly, kind and compassionate. But I think you just go about it in a different way than he does.

Xavier Onassis

I'm like you but worse. I despise idle chit chat with strangers. I'm not there for the "Scooters Experience". Just shut up, ring me up and let me be on my way.

Barb Holter

This really amused me.I guess I fall into the "not too friendly to strangers" category.My late friend Elaine regularly button holed strangers and extracted their life stories from them. She won many friends and a husband from this tactic. She genuinely was interested in everyone. My grandma Hagen was this way, and corresponded forever with a woman she met on a train. I hope there is nothing wrong with us. I do love my friends and relatives, and socialize when I am supposed to. bzh

A Librarian

I do think it is an introvert/extrovert thing. When I was in college a friend of mine used to get so frustrated because I couldn't even tell her any information about potential dates, much less waitstaff.

Pudenda Non Grata

".....I'm not at all rude in public, just businesslike......"

Have you considered the possibility that perhaps business like behaviour is considered rude by some?


I can't even begin to imagine you behaving rudely. I think it's like A Librarian said above--sounds like an introvert/extrovert thing. Neither approach is bad, just different.

monster beats

I'm super-friendly and know most of the checkers by name at the Hen House we frequent

Hound Doggy

I run a store and I find it "interesting" that people tell me so much about themselves. Really personal stuff too. Some people think they are my friends. They aren't. They don't even know my name.
I am friendly to my customers, I follow their lead.
But on my own...in my natural state...quiet and observing.

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