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December 07, 2011



Love this post!

Just today, as I did the rounds of watering and feeding our menagerie, I grumbled. Obviously, that feeling dissipated when a few them were snuggling and acting cute. Little buggers - they KNOW what they are doing!

Mary W

This post makes me grin from ear to ear.

Just wait until you're discussing the quality of the poop, not just the frequency. (Or maybe you're not owning up to that yet.)


oh man, is your backyard not fenced in??? I just push the dog out and refuse re-entry until she does her business.... poor you!

My dog only goes in the house when she is paying me back for something, usually after we have come home from vacation etc... drives me NUTS


perhaps i'm missing something but why not just keep his sweater off if that's what makes him happy?

my pup doesn't go in MY house (a teeny NYC apt) but when we are upstate at my mom's large pad he regularly relieves himself indoors. what's worse my mom scolds ME ... as if it's my poorly behaved child.

Barb Holter

Terrific blog! I can't help but to feel smug about living in the country with a doggie door. Of course, the door lets lots of cold air in, too, so ever convenience has its price. I really laughed about the pee and poop phone conversations. At least it is the dog you are talking about, and not yourselves!

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