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November 21, 2011


East Coast Girl

I always put pasta in my tuna casserole, though not necessarily shells. Sometimes elbow, sometimes ribbon noodles (like tetrazzini), or whatever I may have leftover from another meal. Also, I usually use crushed potato chips, but I like your idea of the FF onions -- I may try that next time.

marnie whelan

Personally, I don't get having to use canned soup - when I decided recently not to use any processed foods, I learned how to make a quick easy and delicious "substitute" for the ubiquitous Campbells cream of mushroom soup: Saute some chopped onion and a handful of mushrooms with garlic in butter. Sprinkle about two tbs flour over the softened vegetables (makes a roux) After a minute or so, stir in two or so cups of milk. Season with salt and pepper and stir it until it's smooth and thickens just a little. This takes 10 minutes tops; it's faster than cooking pasta.


This ALWAYS HAPPENS! I made it last night too! Have not had it in months, but I'm pretty sure the last time I made it, you also made it that same night. FREAKY! Also, I prefer crumbled potato chips on mine rather than onions. ALSO! Trader Joes makes an onion topping with fewer suspect ingredients than French's.


Creepy! I was actually going to ask you for a tuna casserole recipe because I knew that you of all people would have a good one. :-) I want to make this for Arun since he likes fish. I've had a hankering for White People Food and am going to probably force more of it on the family.


Yum and dang, I'll have to make one soon.

Celery and finely chopped green onions instead of peas for me, and a layer of cheese with potato chips on top for the finish.
Probably it still tastes a lot like yours--though subtle, I suspect cream of mushroom soup is the dominant flavor of pretty much every casserole ever baked!

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