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October 26, 2011


Queen of Quirky

I go to bed before Mr. Q, so Gertie gets in bed with me until he comes to bed. Then he tells her to go to her bed on the floor. After I get up in the morning, Gertie is welcome back in the bed. So essentially she knows that she's allowed in the bed if only one person is sleeping. We make exceptions for special snuggle times on Saturday or Sunday mornings.


we only have one dog, and we used to share a bed with her, but if we so much as rolled over she would give a little grumpy noise and hop off the bed, so I bought her an oversized doggie bed and put it next to our nightstand and now she happily sleeps there every night with no grumpy noises!


that picture? Could have been me as a kid. I had a cat that slept that way, too. And he'd knead my head and purr until we were both out. Of course, my doctor says sleeping with a cat in my face is probably the reason that now I'm allergic to cats, because I certainly wasn't as a child. Sucks.


We started out with our dogs in crates when we first had them, but moved them to the bed over time, and now we're all happy together when we sleep at night. (Had to move up to a king size bed, though. ;))

When a puppy is curled up against my back on a cold morning, it makes it SO HARD to get out of bed! And I must admit, I've called in "sick" to the trainer more than once at 4:30 a.m. because I just couldn't bear to part from the warmth of the curled up Jake Jake.

marnie whelan

What do you mean, "allow?" I don't allow cats on our placemats - have given up the battle for the dining room table, where they like to sit and lord it over the two dogs.
Bed is a circus. It's where the cats sleep all day, but Moose the temporary Pomeranian considers it his sacred duty to be whereever I am. so when I go to bed he is instantly there. (The other dog who is smelly and bad tempered - snaps at you when you move- is not allowed on the bed, but sleeps at my husband's side in her own bed, growling occasionally when she hears something outside) Bal the more dominant cat likes to jump up and knead my back just after I fall asleep. This makes Moose nervous, so he tries to get closer to me without getting in range of the cat, which is tricky. The other cat wil sometimes quietly curl up to sleep at my feet, but often he just gives up and sleeps on the radiator. We do have a king-size bed. Which I recommend.


When I had my old bad tempered ginger Tomcat Whiskey, whenever the weather turned cold, I would often wake to find a lump in the bed that wasn't me, little sod would sneak under the duvet


I *love* this picture.

We have two dogs and one cat. Generally, the dogs sleep in their individual crates and the cat sleeps in the living room. I used to let my cat sleep with me but she makes me a little sick (I'm allergic) and she also constantly paws at the door around 5 am to get out and eat. What a piglet!

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