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September 25, 2011



I'll be interested to hear how your library use is affected by this change. I know that once I got my Kindle app, my borrowing habits really changed. And the little clicky-BUY button is SO tempting!!!


That sounds like a great series - I'm putting it on my TBR list now. Thanks for sharing!


Check and see if your library has downloadable content using Overdrive. I love my iPad for reading too and was thrilled to be able to use my local library card to get books for my iPad instead of buying everything :)

Barb Holter

A little too convenient you say? I asked two friends who knew me well to guess how many books I had downloaded onto my Nook since my birthday in March. One said 56 and one said 60. It was 58. I can't keep this up! It is a good thing Jim has never opened a bill! I am glad to know that Amazon has a book of the day, and I will look at that. One reason I love my Nook is it has the perfect illumination for wherever I am, and the instant gratification has taken me over.

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