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September 10, 2011


Donna W

You should read Dean Koontz's book "A Big Little Life" about their Trixie. You would relate.

Laurie Kingston

Congratulations! He's adorable and he sounds perfect. May you have many, many happy years together. My dog keeps me sane and makes me happy every day - not to mention the walks I would not otherwise take.
Funny thing, over the last couple of weeks, I've been really, really wanting to adopt a cat.


Welcome, Toby! So happy for you guys.


I think you commented once on a post I wrote about barking dogs, saying something about being a pure cat person. I am too, but there are two dogs in my life right now: an elderly terrier mix my husband inherited when divorcing, and my college-age daughter's Pom-Chihuahua. The latter is one of those small dogs who thinks he's a big, fierce one: whenever we come across the matched pair of Harlequin Danes who live hereabouts, he launches into a frenzy of furious, threatening yapping. If they (and their owner) weren't so polite, they would have died laughing by now. Or eaten him.

Toby is wise to be cautious! I'm so glad you found your inner dog person.


The cats will adjust eventually.


Congratulations. There is something wonderful about a dog!


How sweet! Congratulations on the addition to the family. How are the cats taking it?

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