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August 08, 2011



Glad it was an easy fix!


I used to be a regular blood donor until I lived in England for 3 years. Ever since, I haven't been allowed to. Granted, now I have diabetes, so I'm not allowed to because of that, but it still irks me that living overseas prohibits people from donating...permanently. Glad you got your blood pressure under control. Still jealous. Wish I could have made it this year.


isn't it weird the bad stuff that meds can cause, My Mom dealt with a chronic cough for 2 years, the doctors thought she was asthmatic and prescribed inhalers (none which seemed to help the cough) she went to a new doctor who pointed out the blood pressure meds she was on was well known to cause chronic cough, yet what was she given MORE meds instead of a new bp med to try! UGH..... (the cough and the need for inhalers is now gone)

I am about to have a serious talk with my doc about my current meds.... I just feel like sometimes they are not "playing" nice with either other

Laura Scarborough

hurray for giving blood! even better for being proactive with your own health. it was so nice to meet you.


Indeed AJ get your blood pressure under control fast. That's where all my troubles began some years ago... Definitely a silent killer through strokes.


Glad you caught that :) who says blogging does not save live! :)

Smoothies and taking in more fruits is an awesome step! I think you are doing fantastic.


Holy crap! Glad they caught that!


xoxoxoxx and way to take charge of your health!


Glad to hear that you got this in check. And yes, always be proactive with doctors. It's scary, because you know they have this... degree or something.

But they also aren't you, and if you approach it as, "Well, I'm reluctant about X because I have these concerns..." most doctors will actually make it a conversation. And if they won't, dump that one and get a new one!

Personally, I try to go to ARNPs because they tend to listen more than doctors and can still prescribe medications as necessary.

It was great to (briefly) meet you at BlogHer!


You were at BlogHer!? Too bad we didn't get to meet.

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