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August 21, 2011


Elisa Camahort

It was great to get to hang with you and Kelli, and Chris definitely appreciated the chocolate you gave him. :)

Thanks for being a BlogHer Lifer, and one of the hearty crew who has been to every single annual conference!


Great to meet you and thanks for the recap and chance to relive the event through photos! Is the chocolate gone yet?

Average Jane

The chocolate is NOT gone yet. I still have a bunch of bars in my fridge and there's even a few truffles at work that haven't been eaten. That was a LOT of chocolate.

ks grandma

Dear dear person in my computer. I so enjoyed this description and even re-read it to further my own personal pleasure with your achievements. My favorite line? "It was a little chilly out." Whoa - sweet! I stayed home and enjoyed (?) the multiple triple digit days. Do take care! (Oh, I just took a nap on your behalf - do you feel a bit better?) Here for you!


Just booked myself for BlogPaws 2012! Dane Yard hits the road! Woohoo!

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