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July 15, 2011


Robyn Beghtol

Celeste, I am of the same breed. I now realize big music festivals always stressed me the hell out, but I was self-medicating with weed and liquor, which allowed me to supress the panic. Now, I got nothing to hide behind. The day is spent continually looking for a large empty spot in which to stand. And it better fricking be in the shade, too. I think it's my INFJ nature; I like people, really. Just, from a distance.


I'm much the same way. Hate crowds, and BlogHer was so much simpler that first year I went. I'm not going this year, but hope to next year. I find places to retreat to, and sometimes, yeah, naps.


When you're being plied with BlogHer swag, don't forget your poor pals in England who don't go anywhere...


you captured *exactly* how I feel.... I am already dreading the days when my kids want to go to places like worlds of fun.... heck I didn't even like it as a kid!!

A Librarian

For some reason I tolerate concert crowds much better than other types of crowds. NO desire to shop in a crowded setting especially when I have access to the Internet.


I'm with you--I hate crowds.


I'm like you, which is why I love rooming with you.

I rarely do concerts these days and honestly, I was stressed about the Food Truck Festival. Fortunately, we got to the Festival early enough to stake out some personal space, so that helped!

BlogHer? I am okay with because I can retreat back to a hotel room - I don't feel captive, particularly when it comes to the on-site parties. The Martha Stewart party last year didn't stress me.

Regina Kaberlein

Average Jane, thank you for your comment about the millstone on my blog. I too hate crowds and the day I was at Bingham-Waggoner Estate was during their Antique Sale a week ago. I intend to go back this fall and tour the home and grounds, but tour with so many people would not be enjoyable.

Also I am waiting a couple of weeks before I hit Trader Joes. My son lives in STL and I always bring back my supplies from TJ's when I visit his family. Thank you again. Regina


You know I'm the same way too. I have never enjoyed concerts for this reason, and things like a mall or Home Depot on the weekend bug me out. One nice tool I've gotten though having an energy session was learning about your 'peace bubble'. When you start to feel anxiety or stress creep in, imagine yourself encased in a shimmery bubble, with calmness and peace inside. All of the noise and outside energy can be kept outside of the bubble. You have to remember to use it, obviously, but it REALLY works! If I remember to put myself in the bubble I can feel myself relax immediately. I think those who are crowd sensitive just really pick up on the energy of others and too much of it is just too much extrasensory input.

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