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May 22, 2011



3D not only makes me nauseous, but I can't properly see it. Something with my eyes, the left eye is just slightly slower than the right. It infuriates me when I pay good money for something and the little intro movie is in 3D - for example, the Butterfly Palace in Branson. While the kids enjoy the show, I surf the web on my phone. Sigh.

Yeah, and I could never see those magic eye things when they were all the rage.


I don't have trouble with 3D, though I know others that do. In my opinion, 3D is just way too overused. It rarely adds to the film.

And because of my eyes, I never could see those magic eye "puzzles," either.

Barb Holter

I have no problems with 3D, but really, don't you think 15 minutes to a half an hour would have sufficed for Cave of Forgotten Dreams? I am very puzzled why people loved it so. I was dragged by a male friend who surprisingly bought my ticket and dinner, so I'm not really complaining. He thought it was WONDERFUL. I kept peeking at my phone to see how much tedium I still had to endure.


If God had meant us to watch movies and TV in three D, he'd have given us one red eye and one blue eye !

This fad is one I hope passes very quickly.


I am avoiding them at all costs, since I have developed a tendency towards motion sickness as an adult (gratefully mostly when doing something rare like driving through the mountains etc)..... I know its a recipe for disaster for me.


I saw Avatar in 3D and *hated* it! Both the movie & the 3D experience. We sat way close (because those were the only seats available), but I still have no interested in any future 3D experiences. I don't like getting sick at the movies.


3D movies give me an awful headache. Luckily our theater also shows the 2D version of all the 3D movies so we don't have to see the movies in 3D.

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