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April 17, 2011



I am in the same boat, if its not threadbare its falling off of me (I tend to buy clothes one size too big because I am overweight and I want nothing form-fitting.....but I have lost 10lbs since Xmas and I am hoping to lose more, so my jeans are now being hiked it CONSTANTLY) I refuse to buy any new jeans until fall since I hope to continue to lose weight, but my summer wardrobe was nearly as bad with capris being too loose. How come when you want clothes to shrink they never will, but when they "just fit" they become two sizes too small the minute you wash em? Good luck with the shopping, I hate it too......


Sounds like my wardrobe too. I recently have found that certain thrift stores have some pretty snazzy tops at really good prices. Some of my current favorites I have purchased from Hillcrest Thrift shop in Parkville... plus the money goes to a good cause. Just a thought.


Shopping for clothes is definitely not fun when it's something you have to do. Just like it's fun to go to the grocery store if you're planning a party but not so much if you're just going because you're out of milk and toilet paper!


sorry. i'm impervious to fashion.


um, yeah. Same issue here. I will totally go with you. I need to shop for clothes somewhere besides Target.

Miel Abeille

I recently bought several dresses on Etsy. I couldn't be more pleased with the fit, construction, design & price. Honestly, very affordable and a great fit. (I'm a US 14 or 16 depending on the store.)

If you want Etsy shop suggestions, I'm happy to give them to you. Just send me an email.

PS- Found you from the new linky.


I'll be happy to go shopping with you, if you'd like.


I'd go shopping with ya

Erica M

I kinda just want to get my hair done.

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