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April 10, 2011


Barb Holter

Your weekend sounded wonderful! I went to a birthday lunch for a friend at the India Palace, which has horrible food, but a nice time anyway. Jim, my friend Steph,(who was in England when I had my party) and I went to see Bill Maher last evening and laughed ourselves silly. The Phelps gang were across the street in front of Starbucks (I bet they lost business!). They had their usual obnoxious signs, but a new one cropped up " You eat your babies". Even though we had a rough idea it had to do with abortion, Steph went across the street to ask them about it. Apparently having an abortion is the same as putting a baby in a microwave. Everyone was flipping them off, so of course we joined in the fun. We went to Steph's house afterward and she let me be the first of all our friends to see her secret room. She is an artist, and this room had phantasmagorical three dimensional artwork featuring slinkies, lots of hot pink stuff, a campy purple chair and more jewelry than I have ever seen. She had two walk-in closets with the most beautiful, colorful, well organized clothes! I felt my life to be very uncreative and spartan! When we got home at midnight, Cisco was nowhere. We were frantic, calling and calling. He doesn't wander, so I immediately grabbed a flashlight to go next door where they have lots of dogs. I ran in sandals, heedless of the possibility of copperheads. I thought possibly the horses had trampled him or the dogs had gotten him. Jim called me back. Cisco had gotten himself stuck in the laundry room by shutting the door on himself. Since he is so barky, I couldn't believe he hadn't barked, but Jim said he was very freaked out when he found him. Was I ever relieved! bzh


Small bedroom community sounds very "Tropic of Capricorn" AJ.


Oh boy, the sausage shop sounds like heaven to me. I had to cut down on sausages with my weight loss in mind, but have a couple of pork ones from Bob the Butcher each week. I do like German sausages too. If I ever come to AJ country, we must go there

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