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April 23, 2011


Jen Snyder

best present I ever got was the Lazy Fish corkscrew. So easy on any type stopper. just google it available at amazon.


I have one of those standard "butterfly" wine openers - I bought it at Target YEARS ago and it still works fine.

Miel et Lait

I've been a waitress for far longer than I care to admit, and I have a great collection of free corkscrews. One I particularly love is double hinged, and it works like a dream.

I think I have a couple of them around, if so, I'm email you & send you one.


We use a Rabbit type of corkscrew. I think that's what they're still called, anyway! Ours is the imitation version from Bed, Bath & Beyond. (They also have the "original" Rabbit for $50, if you'd prefer that.) It cost us $10, and it's still going strong after about 4 years...


absence of Alternatives

We have been living with a WING corkscrew. It does a decent job but it has happened before that we had to "sift" the wine. *cough cough* I would love to try a rabbit ear one.

Miami cataract surgery

I have a rabbit ear corkscrew and never failed me , its the best, you should try it.

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