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March 07, 2011



You know yourself better but my Mom thought she kept getting food poisoning and it turned out to be a gallbladder issue. Might be worth checking into just in case.

Mary W

Sorry to hear this. I, too, get food poisoning more frequently than anyone else I know. My favorite episode? Passing out at a Luna show after eating chicken. I don't take acid reflux meds, I think that I after the first really bad episode I became hypersensitive.


the last time i had food poisoning it had something to do with a turkey breast i'd been carrying around in the back of my car for a week.

i did not know that about reflux meds; all i notice is that since i had my gallbladdder out, i'm sick a lot less.


Poor AJ, hope you are better now. Be more careful what and where you eat...


A lot more fun than you? Hmmm, I passed a kidney stone...as you know from your comment on my blog. I think we may be even sweetie. Hey, I've never had food poisoning that I know of; but I would definitely check your gallbladder out. I had my gallbladder taken out some 23+ years ago...about three months before I had my first kidney stone. Some of the same discomforts are experienced in gallstones and gallbladder problems as in what you've described. Besides, if it's not, it's always good to rule things out. Hope you're feeling a lot better. ~Joy

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