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March 01, 2011



I know you'll do great! I've been analyzing some of my shortfalls from my first time around as well to improve in any future endeavors - I think age gives us an advantage here :-)


I'm praying that a wonderful new opportunity just falls into your lap. One with great health benefits too!


"I might as well decide now that it's going to be awesome." That is a very cool approach. It will be awesome because you are.


As you know, Manoj has been freelancing for 4 years now. It's a weird situation, because when the money comes, it is really, really good money. To the point where working for a company is simply not worth it - they tack on silly things they call "benefits" that you may or may not use, but then they don't pay you as well. We'd rather have the money. But, as you already know, freelancing can be scary when you are between gigs. And hands down, the insurance cost is significant.

I have faith that you will come out okay. You have a good work ethic and that will go a long, long way once you get humming.


I am pretty sure the Lee's Summit Chamber offers health insurance to it's members...something to look in to; organizations that offer group rates if you join. You can do it and it WILL be awesome!

Diana Lee

You have to be uninsured for six months, but the Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance Program provided for by the 2010 legislation would cover you guys at a reasonable cost.


I may know of an contract opp...email me at work with your resume please. And yes, I heard that about the LS Chamber also. Monica

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