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February 01, 2011



It snowed here in the midwest (the Quad Cities, IL & IA border)..we had some ice as well. There were at least 2 accidents near where I live and they were only a couple hours of each other. We stayed home today. I watched episodes of Bones season 3 on netflix and enjoyed relaxing and having a day off work!


I think we are over our worst bit of the winter, but we sometimes get a downpour of snow in February, so I best shut up.


i m looking forward to snow and more snow! it is going to be a festival of shoveling; i am building an awesome snowfort, and today is day sixteen of the build.



Just tried the roast beef recipe. I had no beer so I used 12 oz of beef broth instead. Good stuff!

It'd be good over noodles, too.

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