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January 07, 2011



lol "just like a savage."
How do you get internet? That's our problem - we have Roadrunner cable internet. We have very basic cable - no movie channels, and there is no way I'm convincing my husband to do without all his college sports packages. But I just don't want to move to dsl for internet.


Not getting cable when we moved up here was truly a blessing. I don't think we miss anything. Via Netflix or Hulu we get to entertain ourselves whenever we have time and like you said, we make time for it. It has really allowed us to manage our time in front of the TV a lot more. There was really nothing on TV we could not live without.


It's the commercials, I am so used to skipping them. I don't even need hulu,netflix can keep me busy for a long time, I don't watch any network shows.If my employee discount is ever gone, so will the cable. Everything with a screen in my house including phones has netflix access.

The D

If you get a Tivo dvr you won't be watching tv like a savage. Just buy the base model, no monthly fees, I think.


Welcome to the club, we ditched cable for a similar combination a few months ago. :)


$92 a month for telly... That' a lot when you think of what other stuff that money could buy

Kevin in Columbia

Welcome to my world! There is nothing on cable that is worth that amount of money. An extra computer hooked up to the HD-tv is what I use.
Also check out Amazon movie download.


We've NEVER had cable. Ever. And with four kids growing up in a house that is cableless... well, you can imagine what they and their friends thought of us. (Voted worst parents in the entire world year after year) :)

Christy @ Raising Knights

We are considering going cable-less. My boys watch the same shows over and over anyway. And dh prefers movies, unless he's off and has time to watch a game (which he usually doesn't). And I wouldn't miss it at all. I'll have to see if it's possible since we have a package deal with Roadrunner internet and our home phone.

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