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November 30, 2010



Our Christmas tree starts well decorated and balanced, but between putting it up and Christmas time, all the ornaments slowly move off the bottom toward the top. At the end of the year, a good 1-3ft on the bottom are bare. This year, with a couple kittens, the process greatly accelerated...


there is only one place in my whole house where the cat can't climb. we never have trees, flowers or whatever else the cat might find attractive


I'm worried about our Christmas trees, too. We have the water bottle at hand to spray Felix into submission at the first sign of an attempt to climb an indoor tree. Wish us luck!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance, including the still dieting Disco

No tree here either...just a wreath on the dining room table so at least it smells piney in the house and the cats don't mess with it too much!

Hey...just heard from Caroline that you are the Big Ticket Nulo winner!! WooHoo!! So very happy that you and the girls participated and that some animals-in-need will also benefit from it, too!



Cookies! And another NaBloPoMo down! Well played.


I wonder if Dr Jones and Princess Robin are about the same size. They look SO much alike!

We aren't having a tree this year either, or if we do it will be a small potted one that's already in the yard here and we'll just make new stuff to put on it. I don't think we're going to bother unpacking the xmas box, since we're hoping to move before christmas.


Jane...he's a grey tabby....they ARE the kings and queen of destruction for felines...at least in my experience...& they can open doors too!


Shouldn't that be a one CAT wrecking crew ? You should have a tree though. I do remember Growler telling me the minute their tree was up, there would be three cats up it having a lot of fun, so I do understand.

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