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November 05, 2010



You're her friend? That post was amazing! Good for her for getting all that traffic!! The message needed to be sent.


I will admit that I did stumble across your blog via Nerdy Apple bottoms blog post that is receiving a lot of attention.
I must say I am glad I stopped by your blog to take a closer look. I heading on to your recipes to see what I can find! So all in all the stumble was a success! so thanks!


Best comment exchange on Nerdy Apple Bottoms post:

boo-squirt? says:
November 5, 2010 at 2:07 pm

Why are your kids’ names Boo and Squirt? I think they would get made fun of for that, not for a costume they choose.

Velma says:
November 5, 2010 at 2:13 pm

It’s a way of protecting her kid’s identities. Those are not their real names. Welcome to blogging.


well, and that's how I found you as well...as a "long-tail" blogger, it's fun to see who else is out there........



Joy Lady

Totally cool for you to get so much well-deserved attention! Hmmm, tho, instead of me browsing receipes, can you just make them and I'll come over to eat them???!!! I don't mind dishes on the counter! In fact, I can wash the dishes in exchange for one of your yummy meals. Just tossin' that out there..... :-)


I'd like to see you get very famous, then I could tell people I know Average Jane !


I stopped by from Nerdy Apple Bottom as well! Definitely glad I did. Don't put away the dirty dishes just for me. Like what I see, and I'm going to head to see your recipes next! Nice to meet ya. :)

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