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November 14, 2010



I want a Kitchenaid!!! Maybe when one is on a really good sale. We have a garlic press like that. WE have the scrapper/chopper tool but not with the hollow handle. Love that you can core apples with it. Our doesn't. I inherited a one handled wood rolling pin from my great uncle Omer. We use it all the time for pizza. LOVE our 2 Cutco knives, one is a bread utting knife, the other a vegetable paring knife.


Ditto on the garlic press - in that same vein, I LOVE my garlic keeper (just a ceramic one) and the roller thing that takes the skin off. Yes, you can press with taking the skin off. I am pretty anal, though.

My two other favorite kitchen tools are my gorgeous, super-sharp Santoku knife and chopping board, both from Pampered Chef.

Oh, and my magnetic measuring spoons from The Container Store: http://www.containerstore.com/shop/kitchen/foodPrep/measuring?productId=10023644


Would love a kitchenaid mixer.... I have to make do with a very cheap electric hand mixer to bake cakes....

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