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November 10, 2010



I am SO frustrated because I finished Angry Birds and need a new addiction. There is a serious pouty face going on here, can you see it?

In other news, I feel as if I got my life back. So there is that, I suppose.

With Gmail, I use filters and labels. It's interesting because labels are basically folders, just an odd way to go about it. And now that I have figured out the ingenious use of filters, I can never go back. It saved my butt when we were doing our last business and I needed to sort out all my different types of mail.

Also, ditto on IMDB - I use it all the time now on my phone, mainly because my butt is firmly planted in my chair when I watch TV and the phone is quite handily sitting there on my side table. Lazy, FTW.


Oops, meant to mention that the other app/site I use frequently is TweetMe on my phone. I've used TweetDeck and hated it, so TweetMe is my first "real" use of a Twitter app and it is a game changer for me. Previously, I had sworn off of Twitter a bit, but TweetMe is making me reconsider my Twitter Diet. I might be diving back into the Tweetle again.


This is boring, but I use the NPR app ALL the time. I can choose what segments to listen to, and when and where. I've also discovered new shows/podcasts through the app (Pop Culture Happy Hour!).


I use ESPN ScoreCenter all the time. It's especially great for keeping up on other games while you're at a game.

The Goodreads app is another favorite. It very user friendly.

Walgreens is an essential for me. I have a number of chronic illnesses, so being able to request refills on the go is great.

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