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November 11, 2010



Wow, universe, stop piling on!

I'm so sorry about the job. Good luck with the search and I'll be on the alert for any leads.

Dawn Rouse

This is just shit all around.

Try to rest? May I suggest taking to your bed? It has served me well...frequently.


Bummer, bummer, bummer. If you are out and about anytime soon let me buy you a drink...or ten...


Hang in there. Life's ups aren't so up if there aren't downs. You will persevere and kick butt.


Sorry to hear about the job and the credit card fraud. :-( Next week is bound to be better! (If just because there's a new Harry Potter movie!)


You forgot to include the 'h' in http to your linked in profile. It comes up as an invalid link when you click it.

Average Jane

Thanks, Huts. I fixed it.

Erica M

You're a much better financial steward than I'll ever be, so you already know not to use your severance pay as a personal ATM. You're so good at what you do, I know you'll land on your feet before you even know you've fallen very far. Like your kittehs.


Hi AJ. Really sorry to hear bout the job. Been there, got the T shirt and the video, so can sympathise. And they say the economy is recovering !


Hang in there. Bring on next week and the better news!


That stinks about your job! My husband Travis works for VML - if you want to send me your resume, I can pass it on to him.

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