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November 21, 2010



Huh. I thought I was the only one that reacted this way...

Donna W

Cliff learned early in our marriage not to comment negatively about food I cooked. I'm very sensitive that way. Cliff isn't picky at all, and sometimes I would take something as negative that really wasn't. He just shuts up and eats, leaving me to wonder if he really likes the new dish I cooked; he'd never tell me if he didn't!


This sounds like a sound realization, but it made me think of how after my last boyfriend I've realized that I really want to date someone who eats like me. Because I eat such simple food, that someone who eats a lot of rich stuff thinks all my food is bland. Kinda sucked last time around, and the worst was that I started eating more rich stuff with him, and then my dishes started tasting bland to me! (And I gained 10 pounds.)

BTW, if I haven't said it yet, I'm so sorry to hear about your job. I know that is so stressful.

Dawn Rouse

I haven't cooked meals since 1995. I simply couldn't cope with the comments or sighs or suggestions as to how I could have done it better.

So I stopped cooking.

I figured that I didn't need the criticism and if he felt he could do it "better" than he was more than welcome to the job.


Of course men know that when they say they like something to a woman, she will make it for him every day and he lives to regret his words !

Barb Holter

I can clarify the dinner plate incident because I was there. You were a baby and I was there to babysit after dinner. Your mother grabbed his plate and scraped it into the garbage disposal. They left shortly after that for a movie, so I have no details except the shock value of that act. No dishes were thrown. My husband is totally without opinion so I cook sporadically and according to what I want. He is definitely not a "way to his heart is through his stomach" guy. He eats constantly, and consumes about 3,000 calories a day; nibbling here and there. Most of the time it just seems like a waste of time to cook when he would be content with cereal and me with a sandwich. We sound like the ancient couple with cereal suppers, but I NEVER eat cereal.


That's what makes a good marriage - the realizing and learning part.

I was more like Dawn. The ex made so many snide comments that I just quit cooking. He made himself microwave meals and seemed happy about it. Fine.


I like the picture you chose to go with this post. LOL


I love over-reacting! Over-reacting is my favorite!

I call these arguments Food Fights and they are infamous around these here parts. Overall, Manoj likes my cooking, but man, when he makes even the most innocuous comment, that can set me off.

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