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November 24, 2010



Great post!

However, you forgot the step that includes doing actual research on the type and breed of animal you are hoping to get BEFORE you actually get the animal. Impulse Pet Purchases generally end in heartbreak for all involved. Sigh.


Amen, amen, AMEN.


Celeste, thank you for writing this. Let's hope it reaches lots of people and at least one person will make a better choice because of it.

Dawn Rouse

So True Celeste - and may I just give my shout out for Rabbits? As the "Mom" of 2 house Rabbits ( litter trained) who ARE spayed and neutered and do get regular vet care from an exotics vet, may I say ALL of the above applies to rabbits. People dump their pet rabbits, usually when puberty hits and they start to act like well - Teen age Hormonal rabbits, and doom them to quick death by predator or repeated litters BEFORE death by predator.

Rabbits are lovely pets, but require specialized care, food (as in investing in fresh greens several times a week), litter ( no pine or cedar) and unlimited supply of Hay. They also need at least 3 hours of out of cage exercise per day if you aren't going to do Free Roam as we have done.

Sorry to hijack your thread, but I never realized the level of care until I rescued an abandoned pet rabbit.


Good post AJ. That's why despite believing that live would be richer with a cat in my life, living on two very busy roads and understanding that cats are territorial and need space, I would not have another one after Whiskey who lived with me in the countryside, not a town.


I volunteered at the shelter for a couple of years. It drove me crazy how some people thought pets were disposible. One cat got dumped because the people got a new couch and didn't like it leaving fur on the new couch. Arg.

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