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November 20, 2010



And i bet you could coax one of the kitties to muster up some hostility, "elbow" you or even step on your foot in the *comfort of your own home* in order to add more of that holiday magic, should you find yourself missing it. 


Can I elbow some room on the couch? I haven't seen Bad Santa.


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Yes! Now THIS is the holiday spirit. As much as my family grates my last nerve, I do appreciate them during the holidays. We dial back the Crazy and just enjoy getting together. Oh sure, the kids all get too many things, but the adults hold back on the buying frenzy for each other. As it should be.


We are only buying for the kids, on my husband's side, as well and even still, it's pricey for us (6 to buy for not including my own child). Every year I complain that our family needs to stop breeding. :) Oh and "just buying for the kids" somehow also means that parents and grandparents are still bought for, in my husband's family.
My family is smaller so we still do gifts for each other but usually homemade is preferred over anything bought.

I used to work retail, at a mall, so I absolutely refuse to ever partake in a Black Friday anything.

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