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November 06, 2010


Teri and the cats of Furrydance

I think we 'prolly' all have similar grrrrr memories--mine was an art teacher who pretended to be French, who told me I couldn't draw---stuck with me and I never ventured into drawing...


Oh my gosh, Teri, I was at an art opening last night and was talking to people about how ONE LITTLE COMMENT from a teacher can change the path of your life for good or for ill.


almost all my stories come from the same third grade teacher! what was it about 3rd grade?


Celeste - I lost an entire spelling bee due to the fact that I thought "horizon" was pronounced similar to "horizontal" I was in 3rd grade and was devastated at the time. My mom still brings it up and laughs about it - to her, it is a cute childhood story. To me, I lost the entire frocking spelling bee because of it and came in 2nd place instead. Sheesh.

Average Jane

Cagey - I remember my mom talking about losing a spelling bee because she got confused about how to spell "piano." Decades later, she still remembered the incident (and never spelled the word wrong again).

Barb Holter

I had a very evil 4th grade teacher who had a thick Ozark accent. We had just moved from Chicago and not only did everyone think I had an accent, but I could not understand a word she said. One day she told us she had been sick with a "varse". I told my folks and they were overcome with laughter. To this day we pronounce "virus" as "varse". By the way, I was always gracious when a student pointed out any error I made. In fact I encouraged proofing and googling to check things. The only mistake I remember was misspelling "lightning" as "lightening".(the thing that accompanies thunder) The kid who caught it was so proud of himself. Maybe a little too proud.


Once my mother asked me to spell "won't." We lived in Georgia at the time. Confused, I asked, "Do you mean you won't do something, or that you wont to go somewhere?"

Huts Erickson

Sorry to tag a long, but... When I took a week of school to see my grandparents in Houston I asked my teacher in advance for all my homework. I came back to find out I had 85 pages to complete! I was so upset I called her a bitch in front of my parents (not my teacher). They didn't freak about that cuss word that one time. What the kids told me before I entered 4th grade was true, Mrs. Altweis was a bitch!

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