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November 02, 2010



It was awesome to get to meet you! I am glad you enjoyed our communtity. You ever make it back this way, don't hesistate to look me up!


No disrespect to you AJ, but only you Americans could organise complete days and conferneces to talk about something as dull as Twitter (but 140conf did organise one of those things in London last year).

Becky McCray

Thank you so much for coming 250 miles and participating! It sounds like you had a good time before, during and after. And Gigi is absolutely a wonderful personality!

And Keith, I want to point out just one thing that Jane said, "It's actually misleading to say that the 10-minute presentations were about Twitter - they were really about communicating with other people using online technology." We heard lots of discussion about all kinds of communication, not just Twitter.

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