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November 29, 2010



I wish I knew why this is so hard --- this exercising and trying to take care of our bodies. I am glad to hear that someone is truthful and saying that she hates it. In a sad but exhilarating way, it makes me feel better.

Keep up the good work!

A Librarian

Thank you! I would never have kept up the walking in the mornings without knowing you were awake, dressed and waiting for me to show up.


You're MOST welcome and I'm smiling so at the sweet post. Now the students will be extra happy that their teacher is smiling first day back from break. Happy to walk or do other exercise with you anytime.


Agreed. I've found that the more I force myself to do harder stuff (like heavy weights in the gym for an hour) the happier I am to get out there on my running days since it seems so easy in comparison. But I still hate it until I'm done!


I love walking! Yay for walkers! Er . . . people who walk!

My husband and I go walking nearly every day. We never have a route in mind, we just set out to pick up smokes or groceries or books from the library. Then we walk for hours.

It's weird, because people in our town will honk at us and yell insults out the window. I think they think we're homeless b/c we're walking, I'm not sure. The yelling insults baffles me. Does that happen to you at all?

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