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November 07, 2010


Barb Holter

Extremely interesting! I once stayed at a supposedly haunted hotel in Colorado. We all were allowed by the management to play around in the 2 haunted bedrooms and the kitchen. Despite me daring the ghosts to appear, taunting them and jumping on the beds, nothing happened. Must be like the fish, eh?


Surely ghosts don't get up til midnight ?


I love the Wornall house! If ever a house had the history to be haunted, then that would be the one.... we did a ghost tour in Arkansas at the Cresent Hotel, fun yes, ghosts No.


One of my FAVORITE museums!!! With so many soldiers that died there during the Battle of Westport, if a place in KC would be haunted, it would be there. Maybe it was just a quiet night?


I personally think that, while paranormal activity/ghosts can occur whenever it damn well pleases (like in instances at my own home), the more successful "hunting" is done overnight, between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.

You've read the stories about my house ghost on my blog, I think, so no need to repeat any of it here! Currently, he appears to have taken another dog toy, and has yet to return it. I'll probably tell the story about what happened whenever he sees fit to return it to us.

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