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November 03, 2010



I have Garmin and that's her name, boy does she hate me. I swear she loves my husband but when it is me driving she always gets snippy and a few times has tried driving me down the wrong way on a road and another time she tried telling me to turn right and we were on a long bridge. Thanks G I know you are out to get me. Kids laugh every time I turn her on, "Mom she's going to kill us she hates you." I fear running over deers too, oh and raccoons. I'd feel so guilty if I ever hit anything though.Looks like a LONG trip and I do remember those dark roads, we had a hard time getting out to Lees Summit when we moved out there.


Butch Dog

Hutch... you were only about half way to my home in Western Kansas! I know the plains well. You have less chance of hitting deer out there, because you can see them coming from 3 miles!


You need the music from "The Shining!" That's enough to keep anyone awake.

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