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August 27, 2010


Laura B

definitely svelter :)

Teri and the cats of Furrydance

Oh...black always makes you look heavier, right? If you check out Disco's posts, you will see he isn't faring too well on the weight loss aspect, but he loves the dry and laps at the canned, but seems full and isn't pestering me in the kitchen, except for his treat of t/d dental diet which he only gets 1 kibble of now. I am weighing him on a digital baby scale like we use at the vet hospital I work at (although I got mine at Babies R Us).

Excercise is a big problem with Disco, too. He is just like a fat Pug and I can't even get him excited about the laser light. I think I am going to try walking him on his harness and leash outside (and hope he doesn't pick up any disease out there, as I never let my cats outside) but he might find it stimulating enough to 'walk it out'...

I think I am going to stay with the Nulo, too, after the 'campaign' ends, just because I am so confident with the ingredients and the ethics of this company!


Let's go Disco! You can do it :)

Rita Arens

I totally have that puppet in my house.

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