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August 17, 2010


Lucretia Pruitt

Love that recap!
I'll join you guys at the Zoo next time - I hear we're in San Diego next year (good zoo!)


Only one person screamed while we were at MoMA on Monday, so I was happy for that.

I did love the tree of wishes that was also hers, so talk about experiencing extremes.


I had that mac & cheese at the Brooklyn Diner when I was in NYC for vacation in June. I thought it was UNBELIEVABLE. I'm glad you agree! :-) (But yeah, that place isn't exactly your stereotypical "diner.")

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Something else I love about BlogHer - go to an art museum and run into Average Jane. That NEVER happens at home.

Queen of Quirky

That polar bear picture is amazing! Also, I thought about telling the transit story, but just thinking about it confused me all over again. I think it's one best left for the memories. #epic

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