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July 13, 2010



Mostly what I remember about our BlogHer 2005 was how laid back it was! Also, since I was 7 months pregnant, I was very grateful for the bathroom change.

Susan Getgood

Wow, that picture of me with Toby and Yvonne perfectly encapsulates the early years of BlogHer for me. I met so many wonderful women -- you included -- that have since become dear friends.

It's not impossible to do that now, but it is harder to really get to know new people at the much larger conference.


I hope I'll get to go to one of these. I'm still "new" at blogging but I continue to hear about these conferences. Sounds like it's worthwhile.


hopefully I will get to hear you speak. very interested in this one! :)
Jen (new to your blog)and going to Blogher 10'

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