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July 28, 2010



Ha! Thanks! The racoon in question was slightly larger than critter pictured. Always risky handling panicked wildlife, but didn't want him to suffocate or starve. I felt bad I had to fling him, but had to think of my own safety too. That cup was on there tightly, too!


She certainly deserves her bravery badge for her brownies uniform


zenzonechick You rock!


that is the most awesomest story ever.


Oh, your sister is a hero...especially to that little raccoon. When animals are scared they can get very defensive and violent...little or not. Your sis was very brave. Yep, you should be proud.


Your sister did a very nice thing for that poor critter. And the fact that I was snorting out a laugh in my cube at work when I got to "in one motion grab cup and fling cup and raccoon in two directions" doesn't diminish her act of kindness and bravery at all.

Libby Schleichert

Thanks for the blog and the Ranger Rick shout-out and link!

Sure agree w the ultimate message - don't litter!

With warmest wishes to you and your sister,
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